Step 1: Know the Rules

The Target

The Reward

The Time

The Location

Convince dentists to become partners - i.e. to register on our tools and start accepting DCN payments.

Additional bonus applies if your area accumulates the highest number of new partnerships.

250 000 DCN reward for every new partner that joins the Dentacoin Network.

20% additional premium distributed among participants from your area for attracting the most partners.

Competition starts on:

Competition ends on:

Duration: 60 days

For this first competition, participants must be from one of the following geo-locations:
- USA & Territories;
- British Commonwealth;
- EU & EEA Member States.

Step 2: Enroll

Step 3: Support Your Story

The Concept

The Dentists

The Patients

The Results

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The Ecosystem

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Step 4: Get Rewarded

The Tally

The Winners

The Distribution

Scores are tallied within two weeks following the end of the campaign.

Once the votes are tallied the competition is officially over and winners are contacted via the email address they provided to confirm distribution details. Area rankings are publicly announced, while winners can keep their privacy, if desired.

Rewards are distributed to winners within two weeks following the official winner announcement.


Happy Hunting!

Dentacare is a mobile app which teaches kids and adults to maintain good oral hygiene through a 3-month, incentivized challenge. 
Users are guided through reminders, notifications, voice navigation and tutorials towards establishing and maintaining dental care habits.
Dentists recommend the app to their patients to ensure proper in-home care.

DentaVox is a market research platform that collects customer wisdom through surveys on various dental care topics.
Users are rewarded with an amount of Dentacoin (DCN) after each questionnaire taken for their contribution to the improvement of dental health globally.
Dentists, dental suppliers, media access key research results for free and thus receive valuable market overview.

Dentacoin Trusted Reviews is the first platform for detailed, verified and incentivized dental treatment reviews.
Patients are invited by their dentists, verified through Blockchain-based identity system and rewarded for providing valuable feedback.
Dentists have the chance to improve upon the feedback received and are incentivized for willing to do so.

Dentacoin Wallet allows users to easily and securely store, send, receive DCN tokens, as well as buy DCN against fiat and crypto currencies.
Users are entitled to the combination between account security and a very friendly user interface.
Dentists, patients, suppliers can easily handle payments between each other without any significant tech knowledge required.

Dentacoin Assurance is a revolutionary dental insurance-like program that shifts the focus from treatment to prevention and brings the financial interests of patients and dentists into complete alignment without any intermediaries.
Patients are entitled to a lifelong, prevention-focused dental care by paying a low monthly premium in DCN to their dentists.
Dentists receive a stable basic income while simultaneously establish strong, lasting bonds with their patients.

Dentacoin cryptocurrency is accepted as a means of payment within a growing network of dentists, laboratories, suppliers, manufacturers and service companies worldwide.
Patients can cover their treatment bills in Dentacoin (DCN) at all dental practices within the network.
Dentists, laboratories, suppliers can handle automated, cheaper and more secure cross-border transactions.

Community Partner Acquisition Pt.1

To help you on your journey, we have provided you with information materials you can use to better support your story.
 Use all materials below to convince your dentist.

You get to set out on an extraordinary quest to meet your favourite dental practitioner(s) and introduce them to Dentacoin! 
Please make sure you are well-informed before you talk to your dentist and use all materials provided below. 

If the dental professional becomes a Dentacoin partner, you both get a reward! 



Trusted Reviews

Wallet dApp

Dentacoin Assurance

Partner Network


Dentacoin Community
Partner Acquisition

Help us spread the mission of Dentacoin around the globe 
and get rewarded!

Help us spread the mission of Dentacoin around the globe and get rewarded for each acquired dentist!

Step 1: Know the Rules

Step 2: Enroll

Step 3: Support Story

Step 4: Get rewarded